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Soon after Rey leaves the resistance in search of Luke Skywalker a resistance fighter tracking the vessel carrying General Hux and Kylo Ren back to Supreme Leader Snoke captures Kylo Ren’s personal droid. Back on D`Qar the resistance engineers discover plans of another Starkiller inside droids databanks. Supreme Leader Snoke had hidden away a failsafe for the Starkiller in hyperspace and the droid has the location. The resistance manages to hack into the droids data banks but, as they are recovering the databank the droid starts burning out any databanks that it can capture.

The databanks are arranged in a 5x5 grid and to capture one you need to cordon off the 4 sides of a databank with force fields. For every force field erected by you the droid will also add a force field of its own. You and the droid have to alternate taking turns erecting a force field. At each turn you can add a single horizontal or vertical force field between two adjacent databanks. In this move, if the fourth side of the force field around a databank is completed then you own the databank and can recover it safely. The same is done by the droid that burns it away.

You have to recover as many databanks as you can, by writing a program to intelligently erect force fields to protect the databanks from being burned away but the droid.